Dear Teacher,

I know sometimes it can be hard.

I know that struggling with that kid wears you to the bone. I know it can cause you to leave your classroom at the end of the day completely discouraged and depleted. I know when that kid leaves, you let out…

Dear Law Enforcement,

When you decided to pursue a job as a police officer, I wish someone would have told you that you need to be a cop before you’re a bureaucrat.

As you serve those in your community, they need you to remember the pledge you took. You are…

Dear Parents of Survivors,

As women, we are told to be quiet. We are told to listen, not to speak. …

A Letter to the Church

Dear Church,

You have so much waking up to do.

You are called to be a sanctuary in every sense of the word. You are called to be a safe place that loves unconditionally; a place where women and men are not shamed for things…

Dear Trafficker,

Do you remember me?

Do you remember what you did to me?

You most likely haven’t given me a second thought; I’m sure there were many girls before and after me. But I remember you. …

Dear Survivor,

I see you.

I see you, as you carry your trauma.

It’s there in how you care deeply for others. It’s there in the shame you feel that is not yours to hold but that you carry still. It’s there in how you shrink yourself to go through…

Dear Advocate,

I know how challenging this work can be.

I know sometimes you wonder if you’re “doing it right” — if you’re truly making an impact, or if you’re simply wasting your time.

I know it can be tempting to want or feel the need to “do it all.”

Dear Criminal Justice System,

You have failed us.

The manipulation of the criminal justice system and more to objectify and subjugate is beyond the pale. You, as a fragmented system, ostensibly show the ways you fail to appropriately punish sexual violence. This is truly a man’s world. The archaic laws…

Dear Men,

We need to talk.

You guys are getting a bad rap. You are being condensed to the lowest common denominator, suffering the tolerability of low expectancies.

“Boys will be boys.”

It is a small war every day to unearth the parts of you that you have been told…

Dear Sex Buyer,

From the moment your eyes lock with mine, I cringe and you crave. There is an overwhelming fear that shudders through my body — the fear of not knowing what will happen or what is expected of me. I want to crawl out of my skin while you’re trying to…

Hannah Blair

Sex trafficking survivor trying to find her voice.

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